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Jun28 2012


Poster: Xsara

Unfortunately the rumors are true.

FN has decided to seize it's activities. After many years of friendships, drama, triumph and progression, we keep our heads held high as we quit raiding under our name. Most of our members have already gotten a new gameplan and some others are still contemplating their future, for which any of their future guilds may contact me for reference at any point in time, cause frankly, they are amazing!

Special thanks to all who have contributed to our amazing community in all the guilds years of existance! From our form in TBC, the progression as fastest guild through SSC, the run for number 1 in Sunwell, our time spent on Azuremyst being realm 1st to the recent clear of Dragon Soul HC. It has been a most memorable run, and we will for sure not be strangers in the future. Who knows where our paths may lead us?!

Hooray and Salut to the raiders and members of Fear Nothing, now and in the past.

With love,


T13 content cleared. An evening where all pieces fell into places, players, focus, atmosphere, to result in the kill of the final boss in this expansion.

- proud

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    Dragon Soul Normal Heroic
    Morchok 30-11-2011 21-12-2011
    Warlord Zon'ozz 30-11-2011 01-02-2012
    Yor'sahj the Unsleeping 30-11-2011 10-01-2012
    Hagara the Stormbinder 04-12-2011 13-02-2012
    Ultraxion 04-12-2011 13-02-2012
    Warmaster Blackhornm 04-12-2011 25-03-2012
    Spine of Deathwing 13-12-2011 15-04-2012
    Madness of Deathwing 20-12-2011 02-05-2012

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    Lord Rhyolith 05/07/2011 31/08/2011
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    Shannox 03/07/2011 21/08/2011
    Baleroc 05/07/2011 01/10/2011
    Majordomo Staghelm 14/07/2011 04/10/2011
    Ragnaros 09/08/2011 alive

    Blackwing Descent Normal Heroic
    Magmaw 22-12-2010 28-04-2011
    Omnotron Defence System 29-12-2010 18-10-2011
    Maloriak 12-01-2011 10-05-2011
    Atramedes 17-01-2011 08-05-2011
    Chimaeron 22-02-2011 03-04-2011
    Nefarian 15-03-2011 12-10-2011
    Bastion of Twilight Normal Heroic
    Halfus Wyrmbreaker 02-01-2011 23-03-2011
    Valonia & Theralion 03-01-2011 23-08-2011
    Ascendant Council 13-02-2011 alive
    Cho´Gall 15-02-2011 16-10-2011
    Sinestra - alive
    Throne of the Four Winds Normal Heroic
    Conclave of Wind 09-01-2011 20-05-2012
    Al´Akir 27-02-2011 20-05-2012
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